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Film Production

Wisdom County Ranch  (Festivals & Investors for Series)

Two sisters move back to the small Texas town they grew up in and take over their family ranch. They overcome obstacles from living in what is often a man’s world in a in a unique way that drives positive change. Together they press into the grit and wisdom their parents instilled in them, along with  their faith, to break down prejudgments and wrong mindsets in order to unite their family and community.


Dawn at Dominion (Post Production)

DAWN AT DOMINION is a gun-smoked action filled drama that pays homage to the venerable B-westerns of Hollywood’s golden age while bringing the genre to contemporary film standards.

In the 1880’s a former bounty hunter, Travis Stone, tracks down the outlaws who have kidnapped the wife of Shiloh Taylor, the gambling boss of Dominion, Texas. Stone is successful in rescuing Faith Taylor and now they must survive a dangerous gauntlet of lethal antagonists to make their way home. The pair of unsure companions must overcome swarms of ruthless bounty hunters, vengeance seeking Apaches, murderous good Samaritans, and the deadly Pistolero Mingo Montoya, a former friend who may not be the ally he appears to be.

Questions are created during the journey as Stone and Faith attempt to prevail over each new challenge. In classic western style, all will be revealed in a final confrontation in the bloody streets of Dominion.


Mama’s Love

A mom determines she does not like the direction her family is headed and she’s going to do something that will hopefully impact multiple generations. A powerful story about caring for one another in a busy world.