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EmpoWORD2 SHINE -Inspirational stories about people shining the Light primarily through Media & entertainment. Leading others to leave an empowering legacy with lasting rewards.

Media Show

EmpoWORD Today –  News to influence the culture & empower Conservatives through facts, truths, and thought-provoking reporting.


EmpoWORD2B with Tonja René – empowering women and men to rise above abuse, false-shame, wrong-mindsets, generational curses, and ideologies and more through  Truths found in the Bible.

Film Production

Wisdom County Ranch (Post Production)

Two sisters own a ranch in Texas. They overcome obstacles from living in what is often a man’s world. Together they press into their faith and the strength their parents instilled in them to break down prejudgments and wrong mindsets to unite their family and community.

Jason Reborn (Pre Production)

Jason was a regular kid from a sleepy town in Texas. Funny and full of life he only had eyes for Rachel. His redneck personality would move the world for Rachel. He even earned a black belt in Taekwondo to protect himself and Rachel from bulling but ended up involved with the wrong people who led him to a life in prison sentence. Angry and a top fighter, Jason quickly became a Gang Leader, his only option to survive in a prison where whites are the alarming minority. But God had a plan for Jason and He sent a messenger that little by little pour the Word of God over Jason. Jason gave himself to the Lord and began an evangelical mission in his cell unit. He broke all molds, racism, gangs, hierarchies and brought whites, blacks and Latinos to eat on the same table and to share the Word together. He ended up converting 90% of the 200 inmates of his unit. White brothers and African American Muslims were converted and baptized in the same pool, he even performed healings through prayers and today he is free. After 11 years and Rachael’s relentless pursuit of justice, all the police and DA wrong doings were revealed and Jason was released to marry the love of his life and pursue his true calling, Ministering to the world.