Fior D. Hernandez is a daughter of the King and executor of Unto Excellence LLC. Her career as a a bilingual Broadcast Journalist with various news outlets has equipped her with unique skills to identify the strong and important details of a story. Bringing details to light with integrity is part of her lifelong assignment and she believes is essential for any entrepreneur, ministry, leader, aspiring journalist, or media outlet seeking to convey a clear message to a mass audience. 

Fior is not distracted by sensationalized rhetoric and opinions. Her value as a journalist does not depend upon what is trending, but upon truth. She believes that truth and integrity are key characteristics for any journalist. She is a lover of God’s Word and believes that it unlocks the power hidden inside every story she is called to bring to life.

Fior is a welcomed part of the EmpoWORD2B team because she has a passion to represent
truth and love others. She aligns with the vision to train up a generation of media influencers with excellence who are not moved by false rhetoric and agendas which have tainted the integrity of mainstream media outlets and threaten the freedoms of many Americans through the infamous “cancel culture” of today.