Ari is a gifted actress and influencer with a heart for people and the creative world of story-telling.

At a very young age, Ari was constantly found creating stories and acting out something she deemed beautiful, often with scraps from her mom’s interior design business. Ari was incredibly shy and initially only performed or showed her creations to her mom. In the second grade, Ari was bullied at school and her mom knew she needed to help empower her daughter to find her voice and worth. Through their church, her mom discovered a local performing art school. Her mom immediately enrolled Ari, and it was there that she began to blossom. Ari knew very quickly that acting, singing, and performing was something God placed in her to do. She began to tell her mom that she wanted to audition to be in television shows, commercials, and movies.

Fast forward to 2014. Ari was 10 years old when her family moved to California. This move threw Ari out of the comfortable world she had known, but it also opened new doors and op-portunities leading to her destiny. Ari and her mom lived in Los Angeles, working and training in the entertainment industry as well as being involved in industry-related ministries. In the midst of this exciting time, there were also many difficulties, disappointments, deception, and private trauma. There was the reality of learning to persevere through hidden pain as well as learning to discern what was genuine and what was a facade.

Ari learned the importance of genuine faith over false reality. She also learned the importance of her faith and staying focused on her goals over seeking the approval of others.

Ari is a strong comedic and dramatic actress with many film credits to her name. She also sings and plays a little guitar and piano. She has been blessed to play many leading and supporting-lead roles. She has also turned down several roles that did not fit her personal values or goals. Ari looks forward to new challenges, including strong roles where she can help bring to life a character that captivates the audience with purpose and meaning.

Through her journey, Ari has never wavered on her passion for entertainment and media. She is small and porcelain-like on the outside, but there is a giant within rooted in knowing who she is because she knows whose she is. That is something she wants to help others find as well.