I believe with all of my being that God is calling his church, his children, to know and understand WHO we are in HIM; to understand the authority He has given to His children no matter what things look like around us. We must learn to hear and obey the voice of God. We must learn the disciplines of living a life rooted in obedience to God’s Word. Too many people give others the authority over their lives and do not give GOD the authority. In order to make an impact, we must train people up to know God’s Word and to know what God has called them to do. 

God’s people should be contagious and filled with joy. We should be a Light that others are drawn to. We also must be excellent at what we do. We cannot be half-hearted in our character, ethics, or in our talent and expect a free pass. We should set the tone for the world to follow and stop rewarding sub-par standards. We also cannot raise up delicate Christians who are afraid of what they see in this world. Too many parents live in fear and coddle their children. This cripples them. Many Christians wonder why children cave in to social or unethical pressures when they leave the nest. It is our job to train up the next generation; to send them out as a force to be reckoned with. It is my passion to help lead others to do that.

I’m looking for those who feel the burning passion to make an impact through media and entertainment. We need all ages. Not everyone is called to be an actor. We are also developing media influencers and empowering stories. The Bible is full of adventure, darkness, and science-fiction type stuff. Create good stories done well without hidden agendas and people will notice. Our God sets the tone for his children to think outside the box creatively, yet his children allow wrong voices to stifle creativity. Sadly, many times these voices are voices of religion rather than voices led by the Spirit of God.

Quality productions cost money. Financial investors and resources are needed. Good ole’ fashioned supporters & prayer warriors are our life-line. If you are not called to personally be in media and entertainment, but you say, “YES” to everything you are reading, there are other ways you can be involved.