I believe with all of my heart that God is the greatest, coolest storyteller there is. As his children, we should tap into that creativity! We should be excellent as story tellers. We should also be excellent in integrity, the business of entertainment and media and, most importantly, how we treat one another. Diversity is such a beautiful thing. We shouldn’t let it scare us or divide us, but unite us into greater purpose.

We should filled with a contagious kind of joy. We should be a Light that others are drawn to and be excellent at what we do. We also shouldn’t be boring, rigid perfectionists that others can’t stand to be around let alone work with. 

I’m looking for those who feel a passion to make an impact through media and entertainment. All ages, sizes, color are needed. We are also developing empowering stories. Create good stories done well and people will be impacted by them.  

Quality productions cost money. Financial investors and resources are needed. If you are not called to personally be in media and entertainment, but you say, “YES” to everything you are reading, there are other ways you can be involved.

Prayers are the power we thrive on. Thank you to all our prayer partners!