We are training up conservative talent to be influencers in media & entertainment. All ages, sizes, and ethnicities are needed. We are also creating empowering productions in both media and entertainment. 

Did you realize that THE most creative being is God? I mean, the Bible is filled with all kinds of bold stories told in very raw form. There is action, mystery, drama, comedy, and science-fiction level content throughout the Bible. Difficult subjects are not avoided. Truth and joy is celebrated not hidden. Yet, far too many conservatives stop short of creating amazing stories with excellence.  As children of God, we should not shy away from raising up leaders to impact the greatest mediums of influence. We should BE a Light to the world through our gifts and talents. We should be disciplined, contagious and excited about what we do because God’s Light shines through us. Our faith should drive us, not our fear.

We should also unapologetically be rooted in Biblical truths and living from that truth in our character, integrity, work ethic, and talent. 

We want to hear from the ones who say, “Here I am. Use me.” We want to hear from the ones who are willing to place their faith before fame. 

Meet Our Team

Tonja Rene

Ari Rene

Fior Hernandez

Andy Costa