What an exciting time! We have the most incredible opportunity to be difference-makers and touch people around the world through story-telling! We are creating empowering productions in both media and entertainment. We are also training up talented influencers in media & entertainment. 

We should be creating stories of all kinds to appeal to the audience we want to SEE our productions. Too many people want to live in a bubble. As a result, far too many people stop short of creating amazing stories with excellence. Different people are called to create different types of stories. Diversity should be celebrated, not squelched. 

Diversity does not mean compromising our own values and beliefs. For those who are Christians: we should unapologetically be rooted in who God has created us to be  in our character, integrity, work ethic, and talent. It’s sad to see so many people so confused, depressed, and insecure that they feel entitled to force others to believe the way they do. There is no freedom in that. God is love, but He is also a gentleman. He allows people to reject Him. He does not reject them, but he does not compromise his character either. We should do the same. There should be freedom in Media & Entertainment for diverse content and perspectives. We either believe God is big enough to do amazing things through us…or we don’t. 

We want to hear from the ones who say, “Here I am. Use me.” It’s not about being famous. It’s about leaving a legacy that impacts others in a positive way way after we are gone.

Meet Our Team

Tonja Rene

Ari Rene

Fior Hernandez

Andy Costa